Advisory Review Committee (ARC)

The Advisory Review Committee (ARC) convenes at least every four years to review the rules, procedures, and effectiveness of the Non-Partisan Committee. The objective is to keep the NPC effective and up-to-date. The committee considers ideas from the ARC members, current members of the NPC, members of the Board, and suggestions from the community and any other interested stakeholder.

The ARC’s role is to evaluate current procedures and operations of the NPC, including but not limited to, the Plan for the Non-Partisan Nomination and Election of School Trustees and The Rules of Procedure of the NPC and make recommendations for possible changes to these procedures and operations to ensure fairness and relevance.

Please click on the link below to view the 2019 ARC report.

ARC 2019 Report

Previous ARC reports and appendices may be available upon written request.