Bronxville’s Committee for Non-Partisan Nomination and Election of School Trustees (NPC) is currently accepting applications for candidates interested in the position of school board trustee. The deadline to submit is Saturday, March 3.

The School Trustees set the broad policy for the direction of the school by serving three-year terms on the school board. The seven trustees provide leadership and direction to the school’s administrators and make important decisions on a wide array of topics including: strategic planning, curriculum, technology, personnel issues, finance, construction, facilities and the student body. Elected by the Bronxville community, each trustee plays a vital role in the continued excellence of the school.

Any resident who is interested in running for School Trustee, or who would like to suggest candidates, should contact the NPC as soon as possible. The application form can be found under the Application Process tab on the website.

To propose candidates, to nominate yourself, or for more information about becoming a part of the NPC, please contact Chair, Larry Bettino at 917-734-0400, Vice Chair Lindy Devereux at 646-515-5730 or you may email the NPC at