The Bronxville Non-Partisan Committee (NPC) announced the individuals who have applied to be placed on the ballot for election to the NPC. One representative from each of Bronxville’s seven voting districts will be elected to serve a three-year term.  This year, Districts 18 and 21 will each elect a representative to serve a one-year term to replace members who are unable to complete the final year of their term.


The candidates seeking membership on the NPC are: Helen Knapp (District 16); Lianne de Serres (District 17); Greg Gilliam (District 18, 3-year term); Jeff Hine (District 18, 1-year term); Thomas Hansen (District 19); Katie McGrath (District 20); Rich Gegenwarth (District 21, 3-year term); Lee Huang (District 21, 1-year term); and Susan Meaney (District 22).


Voting begins on May 19 and continues through June 2. All residents of Bronxville are eligible and encouraged to vote for the representative in their district, and two representatives in Districts 18 and 21. Vote today by linking here.


Once elected, the nine new members of the NPC will join the 12 remaining members. Together, the people who serve on the NPC work to recruit, vet and nominate the school board trustee candidates each year.

District 16

Helen Knapp

Helen grew up in Bronxville and attended the Bronxville School from K-12.  She and her husband, Charles, moved back to the village to enable their children to have the same opportunity to grow up surrounded by close neighbors, in a caring, vibrant community with a great school system.  Helen and Charles have lived in Bronxville for 16 years and have two daughters attending Bronxville High School: Eva, who will be graduating this June and Charlotte, who is currently a sophomore.


Helen states: “The Bronxville School is one of the cornerstones of our community, and one of the key components of its success is a strong Board of Education.  Our village is filled with smart and talented people, many of whom would make wonderful Board members.  The NPC plays a vital role in identifying these individuals and spending time to meet with them, discuss their views and perspectives in detail, and choosing a balanced, qualified slate of candidates.  I believe that my professional background, my deep knowledge of this community and the school would allow me to make a valuable contribution to the NPC.”


Helen graduated from University of Virginia with a BA in History.  She went onto The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and graduated with a MA in International Relations.  Helen began her career at Citibank and worked there for 14 years.  Following her corporate career, Helen worked in the not-for-profit sector for 8 years, developing partnerships to reduce poverty and inequality in the developing world.


Helen has been a very active community volunteer serving in many positions at the Bronxville School, including leadership roles.  She also served for three years on the Board of Education’s Facilities Committee during the planning and funding of the new Auditorium and MS science labs.  Helen feels these experiences have given her a strong understanding and appreciation for the strengths of our school and its amazing teachers, staff and administration.  It has enabled her to understand the vital role that parents and community members play in the school, and the great work that can be achieved when these groups partner effectively.  Helen currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Bronxville Field Club.

District 17

Lianne M. de Serres, MD MS

Dr. de Serres has lived in Bronxville for 20 years.  She has three sons, all of whom attend or attended the Bronxville School.


Lianne states: “I would like to be more involved in the Bronxville community in a meaningful way.  I feel strongly that the Bronxville School is the most important facet of our community.  I would like to help maintain the excellence of our school by helping make sure that we have astute, intelligent, and reasonable individuals on the Board of Education to continue that tradition.”


Lianne graduated from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with a BS in Biology.  She went onto study medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine.  Lianne also has an MS in Epidemiology from the University of Washington.  Dr. de Serres is currently the Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, and an Associate Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology at New York Medical College.  She previously worked at Columbia University and The Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.


Lianne is an active vestry member at Christ Church Bronxville.  She is currently a volunteer in Healing the Children Northeast in which she participates in yearly cleft palate surgical missions in underdeveloped countries.  Lianne is a member of the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology, the American Cleft Palate Association, and the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery.

District 18

Greg Gilliam

Greg and his wife, Tracey, have lived in Bronxville for 10 years and have three children attending the Bronxville School: daughters, Piper and Bailey, are currently attending Bronxville Middle School and son, Samuel, attends Bronxville Elementary School.


Greg states: “With three children in the Bronxville School, I am already heavily invested in the quality of our school system.  As a member of the NPC, I hope to contribute to the process of identifying and recruiting those who will help maintain the tradition of excellence in our school as well as prepare it for future challenges.”


Greg graduated from University of Richmond with a BA in Speech Communications.  After college, Greg went into the U.S. Army.  Upon leaving the service, he went onto Brooklyn Law School and graduated with a JD.  He worked for 15 years as a Commercial Litigator.  Greg is self-employed at the Law Office of Gregory W. Gilliam.


Greg’s many volunteer activities include: Cub Scout Den Master for Bronxville Pack 5, Leader of Men’s Group, Christ Church in Bronxville.  Greg has also been active with various head coaching duties for his children’s sports teams most notably, flag football and softball.  He also enjoys being a Referee and Referee Coach for USA Rugby, the national governing body for rugby in the United States.

District 18

Jeffrey Hine

Jeff and his wife, Toni, have lived in Bronxville for 4 years and have two children currently attending Bronxville Elementary and Middle Schools.


Jeff states: “As a freelancer/business owner, my schedule allows me the flexibility to serve the community.  I have not done so in the past, so I’m taking this opportunity to begin investing in Bronxville and hope to make a positive impact on our school.”


Jeff graduated from Babson College with a BS in Marketing.  He has worked for twenty years as a high-tech executive in sales & marketing and is currently a freelance writer/researcher conducting market analysis and developing marketing content for technology firms.

District 19

Thomas Hansen

Thomas and his wife, Tara, have lived in Bronxville for 4 years and have two children.  Their daughter, Brigit, will enter Bronxville Elementary School as a Kindergartener in September and their son, Thomas, will attend Reformed Church Nursery School.


Thomas states: “The success of our School is incredibly important to our community, and with two young children, I am especially interested in contributing what I can in a direct and meaningful way.  I believe my experience, perspective, and dedication will be valuable to the NPC in accomplishing its mission.  Continued excellence on our Board of Education is key to ensuring the same for Bronxville School now and into the future, and the NPC serves a vital role for our community in this respect.  I would be honored to volunteer on the Committee.”


Thomas graduated from the University of Richmond with an undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting.  He went onto Harvard Business School and completed the PLD management program.  Thomas is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Slate Path Capital LP.


Thomas and his family are members of Bronxville Field Club.  He is a Board Member of the Lawrence Park Hilltop Association, and a Volunteer for iMentor in New York City.

District 20

Katie McGrath

Katie and her husband, Dr. Robert Andrews, have lived in Bronxville for 5 years.  They have three children who attend Bronxville Middle and Elementary Schools.


Katie states: “I have been a Bronxville resident since 2013.  Having moved from Boston, MA with my husband and three school-aged children, my family chose Bronxville for the reputation and track record of the public school. Serving on the Non-Partisan Committee is both a civic duty, and way to contribute to the public school that has provided such great opportunity for our children. I hope to ensure objectivity in assuring that the best qualified candidate and voices are elected to represent the public on the school board.”


Katie graduated from Niagara University with a BS in Nursing.  Katie continued her studies at Niagara and received an MS in Nursing and an FNP as a Family Nurse Practitioner.


Katie has been very involved with the Bronxville School serving as a class parent, working on the afterschool program committee as well as helping facilitate the incoming Kindergarten assessment.  Katie has been a member of the Bronxville Junior League the past four years, working in Mount Vernon at a mobile food pantry and raising awareness of community needs, such as collecting used winter coats for people in in the surrounding area.

District 21

Lee Huang

Lee and his wife, Kwee, have lived in Bronxville for 5 years and have one child attending Bronxville Middle School.


Lee states: “I would like to contribute to the on-going success of our school and our community by helping ensure that we have the best people representing the needs of students, focusing on student achievement, working closely with school administrators, and representing constituent needs. As the parent of a Bronxville Middle School student, I would like my son and all his classmates to have a wonderful and productive school experience, and for our community and our school to continue to have a strong relationship. By serving on the NPC, I hope to contribute to the achievement of these goals.”


Lee graduated from Columbia University with a BS in Computer Science.  Lee currently works at Hachette Book Group.


On behalf of the Columbia University Alumni Association, Lee interviews high school seniors who have applied to Columbia University. While living in New York City, Lee was very active in school activities at PS199 on the Upper West Side to ensure that student needs and parent concerns were properly addressed.

District 21

Richard E. Gegenwarth, Jr.

Rich and his wife, Daisy Wang, have lived in Bronxville for 17 years and have two sons currently attending Bronxville Middle School and Bronxville Elementary School.


His 25 years as a management consultant include highly relevant experiences in curriculum design, corporate learning, leadership and team development, communications, culture change, and the acquisition and retention of skilled personnel.


Rich states: “I would like to contribute to the continued evolution and excellence of Bronxville.  We’re fully vested in this community as both our boys were born here and will graduate from Bronxville.  My experiences as part of the CLSC Board and various Committees have prepared me to contribute in a meaningful way.”


Rich graduated from Vassar College with a BS in Psychology.  He went onto SUNY Albany where he received his MBA in Human Resources.  Rich is a Principal at Ascent Leadership LLC.


Rich’s volunteer activities include serving six years on the Board of Directors for the Chinese Language School of Connecticut (CLSC), accredited by AdvancED and a 501C (3) Non-Profit Organization.  He also served for seven years as Youth Soccer Coach (EYSA).

District 22

Susan Meaney

Susan and her husband, Peter Incledon, have lived in Bronxville for 24 years.  She has three children, all of whom attended the Bronxville School.


Susan states: “The Bronxville School is the heart of our village.  I understand the importance of a strong School Board in maintaining the excellence of our school system, with competence coming from a variety of different skill sets among the Board members.  I also strongly support the nonpartisan way in which our community, through the NPC, vets and nominates candidates for the School Board.  I would welcome the opportunity to serve again on this important committee.”


Susan graduated from SUNY Albany with a BA in Political Science.  She went onto study law at NYU School of Law and graduated with a JD. Until 2015, Susan was Senior Principal Law Secretary in the Appellate Division, Second Department.  Previous work experience includes work as a litigation and real estate attorney in private practice, real estate development and construction, and real estate broker.


Susan previously served on the NPC (2005-2008) and was Chair for one year.  More recently, Susan has been involved in various pro bono legal activities and serving on various committees at her co-op.